Top 5 Alexa Skills June 2017

Top 5 Alexa Skills June 2017

Before I wrote this post I tried to guess what the top Alexa Skills were this month. I got just one right! In a way, this is awesome. The most popular ones may not be familiar to me. Anyway, I thought you guys might get a kick of the top Alexa skills snapshot for this month. Oh, just to be clear all of these are all free for Alexa users.

1. Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

This skill simply plays ambient sounds. They have over 40 loaded up. You can say stuff like “Alexa Play Rain” to hear some background rain noise. Check out their page for a full listing of the sounds they have. Not a big fan of ambient sounds. But this must be popular to shot up to #1. See #4 below. More looks like the same kind of Skill. Oh for this one, try saying “Alexa Volume 10” then “Alexa Play Swiss Massage.” You can also set that ambient noise on a timer.

2. I’m Bored

Really? You’re bored? The world is absolutely amazing! Turn off the Alexa and get outdoors. Oh sorry that’s not this Skill. Tell Alexa you are bored and she’ll bore you with some interesting fact. To be honest, I would think this should motivate you to get out. “Alexa I’m Bored.” Alexa responds “I paused because I was going to say something rude. Instead, why don’t you go tidepooling. The tide is now low and you are only a 30 minute drive away” or something like that.

3. Jeopardy!

Ok, one I like! What I didn’t know was every category has an extra 6th clue. These games are made for Alexa. Give it a try with some friends and family. Sony makes this one and they are kind enough to share their email address on their page. If you try it and like it, let them know. If the big boys know people like Alexa Skills, more will come. I try to send appreciative emails when I like apps. As a developer we get a ton of the (deserving) frustrations but few of the wow I am stoked messages.

4. Ambient Noise: Rainforest Sounds

I guess if you combine this one and the number one Sleep and Relaxation Sounds, we want our Alexas to sooth our souls. Heard a podcast recently that music turns on more parts of the brain than anything else every tested including sex and drugs. Makes sense to me. I’ve lived once in a dense urban city. I can see why you want to layer in some calm amongst the sound storm. Kinda like a little shot of air freshener in the bathroom. Things get layered.

5. Fox News

Hmmm. The current page for this Skill says “Get the latest audio news from Fox News and Fox Business now on Alexa. Stay up to date on the 2016 Election or listen to the latest celebrity gossip. Fox News and Fox Business keep you in the know.” I am guessing the content you hear is not going to be as dated as the description used. May install this one. I check out Fox and CNN daily just to be inspired that we can look at things in completely different ways (my positive hat is squarely on).

There you have it. The top five Amazon Alexa Skills right now. You can find the whole list here as well as search the more than 10,000 skills! Glad we have these lists. With 10,000 how are you going to possibly find the good stuff.