In a nutshell, Google Home and Amazon Alexa are a little like Android phones versus Apple phones. Android and Apples phones both have app stores with almost the same apps, both have exclusive apps, and essentially both are functionally the same things…a modern smart phone with millions of users and thousands of things you can do with your device.

Bottom Line

Either Google Home or Amazon Alexa is already “good enough.” If you haven’t bought any one yet, we recommend Amazon Alexa. Like Android it’s cheaper and like Android there are a few more choices as a result of being around longer.

One Key Feature Difference

Both have pretty crappy lackluster speakers. Chances are you already have a much better bluetooth speaker or stereo system at home. Since both excel at playing music and stuff like podcasts, having decent speakers may be important. We think then it would be better to spend $50 on an Echo Dot than $115 on a Google Home.

More Info

We don’t recommend getting lost in the details. If you are reading this you are probably already interested in figuring out which one to get. However, if you want more info, here are three quick reads that sum up key feature differences:

  1. A Reddit thread from users who have used both platforms for up to a year. No surprise here. Original poster said Alexa had the edge. Lots of great comments from other users.
  2. A Forbes article that tested both by asking 50 questions. Amazon Alexa got 13.5 correct. Google Home got 18.5. So Google’s slightly more accurate but both struggled and we believe both will get better over time.
  3. This recent CNET article has a fantastic table that highlights key similarities and differences. Our takeaway is just how similar they are to each other from a functional point of view.

One review video

If you are more into quick video reviews, we’ll close this post out with the following short and informational review.

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