11 Ways to Get Cheap Amazon Alexa Products

11 Ways to Get Cheap Amazon Alexa Products

Before you buy new, check out the used and refurbished Alexa products. Even if you buy new, it’s good to know how much used and refurbished models are selling for.

  1. Amazon Warehouse Deals. Search for Amazon Alexa. As of this blog post, there were six pages of Alexa deals.
  2. eBay. We think the interface may be overwhelming for some, but give it a search. You’ll find tons of Alexa products and you can sort by used for instance.
  3. SlickDeals.com. Search SlickDeals.com for Alexa. If nothing found or no good deals, use the link in the upper right hand to set up an alert for future Alexa deals.
  4. FatFingers.com. Some people post to eBay but misspell stuff. Because of these errors, less people see these listing. Type in Amazon Alexa in the search box to find potentially cheaper misspelled listings.
  5. All of Craigslist. Search the entire Craigslist universe from one search engine. Very useful to find a used Alexa product to get some idea of pricing. Chances are, this won’t be in your backyard. We’ve used this in the past to buy stuff from other cities.
  6. Search and post to your local Craigslist. Post what you are looking for and you may be surprised with offers.
  7. Check local and online electronic retailers for open box items.
  8. Call your local electric company and ask for potential rebates for smart energy devices. Maybe there is a rebate in your location that fits an Alexa product.
  9. Call your Public Utility Commission and see if there are programs that you may be able to use such as rebates for renters to get energy efficiency devices.
  10. Contact a vendor that makes Alexa products and request a demo unit for your review.
  11. Call your local thrift store. You never know. When people move lots of things end up in thrift stores.

If you must buy new, toss what you need into our cart and you can check out directly with Amazon.com when you are ready.

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