Which Amazon Alexa to Buy? Echo, Dot, Tap, or Show?
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Which Amazon Alexa to Buy? Echo, Dot, Tap, or Show?

You can’t go wrong with any of these. Right now, we recommend the Amazon Dot.

The Echo’s speakers are better, but not $75 or so better. The Dot and Echo are essentially the same thing with one being a lot smaller and easier to integrate into a home but also having a crappier speaker. If you really like the listen to music, you are likely going to pair either of these up with your preferred speaker. Note, for $75, you can get some killer speakers!

The benefits of the Tap being portable maybe good for some folks. We just don’t think most people need to lug their Amazon Alexa around with them. Besides, these features are already baked into your phone with Siri or Google Assistant/Google Now. Plus Amazon Alexa maybe  baked into your future phone or watch anyway.

As of this blog post the Show was not out. Sure looks good though we don’t think everyone needs to be video conferencing with other Show folks.

So, grab the Dot. It’s good enough.

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